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Steam Winter Sale is now live, here are some of the best early deals

Published: 11:00, 23 December 2021
Steam Winter Sale runs until January 5
Steam Winter Sale runs until January 5

Steam Winter Sale is finally here and will run until January 5, 2022. 

A big Winter Sale on Valve's storefront Steam is officially arrived and will run for the next two weeks. Just like every year, Winter Sale brings some massive discounts on both older and newly released games. The first day of sale already has some sweet deals so if you're looking to spend your hard-earned money on some games, here are the best discounts on Day 1 of Steam Winter Sale.

  • Deathloop - 50 per cent off
    • Arkane's GOTY contender is available at a massive 50 per cent discount. You can get the Standard Edition of the game for only 29,99€ / $29,99.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 63 per cent off
    • This souls-like from Respawn is one of the best games EA published over the last decade so it's definitely worth checking if you like challenging games. It's on a 63 per cent discount meaning that you can buy the Standard Edition for 14,79€ / $14,79.
  • Dark Souls III - 75 per cent off
    • Hands down, one of the best action RPGs ever created. Again, if challenging games are your thing, you don't want to skip Dark Souls III. It's simply amazing and available for 14,99€ / $14,99 thanks to a 75 per cent discount.

EA Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order screenshot showing a main character with lightsaber Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Of course, these are just our recommendations and you should most definitely check out the sale page on Steam to see the full list of discounted games. We're sure you'll find something that scratches your gaming itch. 

Steam Winter Sale will run until January 5, 2022.

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