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Steam user count shows PC player base is still massive

Published: 20:49, 14 January 2021
Steam - 2020 Year in Review
Steam - 2020 Year in Review

Valve released a Steam infographic showing the active users on this platform alone are spelling out that PC population is far from minor when it comes to gaming, despite what some groups may want you to believe.

Steam's Year in Review infographic provided a ton of useful info, including the staggeringly high number of active users. Over the course of 2020, Valve saw 120 million active users monthly and 62.6 million active users daily. 

To put it in perspective, that's almost 20 per cent more than what Sony saw with PlayStation Network, which had ~102 million active users per month in 2020 while Xbox Live came in third with around 90 million active monthly users.

In other words, it's evident there is a huge audience on PC, even though people keep insisting that PC gaming is dying , across certain genres or overall. That said, it's not excluded that low system requirements and lower price tags of some games, such as Among Us, pumped the numbers up as even console players can hop onto their non-gaming PC and enjoy a few rounds with friends.

Then again, many of these games can be played on other platforms too and there is nothing stopping the players from moving away from the supposedly dying platform. 

It is not really news but Coronavirus isolation certainly boosted the numbers across all gaming platforms and Steam was no exception as it saw 50.7 per cent more hours played by users, compared to 2019.

InnerSloth Among Us promo image Among Us is boasting massive player numbers across all platforms it's available on

Still, there is no proper evidence that PC gaming is dying and the incredibly high user base of Steam alone suggests the market on this platform is gigantic. 

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