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Steam Summer Sale kicks off with a ton of customisation options

Published: 13:05, 26 June 2020
Steam Summer Sale and customisation
Steam Summer Sale and customisation

Steam Summer Sale is a reason enough to celebrate over discounts or despair over empty wallet but this year also brought some customisation options that allow you to personalise your profile.

Steam Summer Sale has kicked off and fans of many games can purchase their favourite entertainment at a discount. One of the best parts of Steam sales, in general, is that games go for dirt cheap. For example, Mortal Kombat 11 is on a 60 per cent discount which is absolutely worth it even for the singleplayer story alone.

Some of the best deals, however, can easily be found in the Under $5 category, where you can sort the results by user review score to make the hidden gems rise to the surface. While Portal 1 and 2, each of which stand at $1.63 / €1.63, have had their fair amount of coverage and are known among the gaming community, there are also games that don't make the headlines so often but are absolutely worth the time and money invested.

A Short Hike and One Finger Death Punch are some of the best highlights here. There are even high profile games from the years past that have extremely low price tags now, such as Dishonored which will set you back a mere $3 / €3.

 While all these wonderful discounts are sure to grasp many a customer's attention, Valve decided to spice up the Summer Sale with additions of their own.

Purchases made on Steam will now grant Steam Points, which can be used to purchase customisation options for your profile. For example, you can buy stickers to be used in the chat with your friends or to purchase profile avatar frames as well as animated backgrounds for your mini-profile.

CD Projekt Red witcher 3 screenshot showing geralt in a bathtub Geralt in a bathtub now has a cute sticker on Steam

We are sure bath Geralt and Portal frames are bound to be the single best sellers in the crowd but other adorable things like a CT carrying a hostage definitely need some attention as well.

In case you log in and find that you already have some Steam Points on your account, it is because you made purchases after Lunar New Year sale. Here is how Steam Points work and what you can purchase with them .

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