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Gaben's Steam Summer Sale 2019 has officially kicked off

Published: 21:09, 25 June 2019
Updated: 21:14, 25 June 2019
Gabe Newell
Picture of Gaben popping up behind some clouds
Lord Gaben

Steam Summer Sale 2019 has officially started on 25 June 2019 and is set to conclude on 9 July 2019. During this time, there will be a pile of opportunities to empty your wallet but there are a few highlights we caught along the way.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 features a minigame just like several previous sales. This time around it's themed after Grand Prix racing and players will be able to join one of the five competing teams - Hare, Corgi, Tortoise, Cockatiel and Pig.

Corgi was firmly in the lead at the time of writing this article but it will not necessarily win every race so don't be afraid to check the other teams out as well.

Being in the winning team has its perks since some players will be awarded their wishlisted games during the event. You can check the full rules and event description on the official .

As for the sale itself, it features literally thousands of games on discounts but some stand out from others. For example, GTA V is discounted to $14.99 / €14.99 / £12.49. Anyone who hasn't experienced it can't really go wrong with getting the latest bit of open world satire from Rockstar.

Frostpunk is also discounted to the same price and it features stellar reviews on the platform thanks to a unique game setting, mechanics and overall challenging and sometimes satisfying experience. Don't take that last bit as a hint of Frostpunk being a bad game though, it's just hard to feel satisfied in such low temperatures, always on the brink of extinction.

Rocket League is down to $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.49 and is in a unique position at the moment. Psyonix, the developer studio of Rocket League, was recently acquired by Epic Games and it was hinted the game will become exclusive to Epic Games Store in the future.

Psyonix Rocket Leagues take on Jurassic Park's Wrangler Rocket League: Wrangler

This hasn't been officially confirmed but was heavily during the announcement that the studio was bought by Epic Games. Rocket League was recently review bombed due to the Epic deal but some of the recent reviews also mention server issues that started following the announcement.

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