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Steam removes and bans Super Seducer 3

Published: 17:41, 20 March 2021
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Super Seducer games were fairly controversial and now it appears Valve have had their fill as they opted to completely remove the latest instalment and ban the series.

Richard La Ruina took to Twitter to reveal that his latest game of sorts, Super Seducer 3, has been removed from Steam. Furthermore, the AppID has been retired, meaning the title will not be returning to the platform in the future.

According to La Ruina, he was ready to do whatever was needed to keep the game on Steam and the message of the cancellation came as a surprise. That said, considering the nature of the Super Seducer series, it is not hard to see why Valve would axe it.

One of the key points here seems to be that there are recorded real-life actors, rather than in-game characters that were modelled, textured, etc., which could cause conflict with Steam's Terms of Service. 

This isn't the first time one of La Ruina's games was removed from a platform, since Sony did it with the first title in the trilogy, all the way back in 2018.

If you are not up to speed, Super Seducer is basically like Millionaire, where you try to pick the right answer but instead of questions about science, trivia and other fields, you are trying to pull the right move in order to avoid getting dissed by a girl.

That description alone is controversial enough and the fact that real people were involved in each scene could pose a lot more problems than Valve would like to deal with.

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