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Steam Labs rolls out new experimental ways to browse Steam

Published: 18:05, 10 December 2020
Steam Labs, New & Noteworthy
Steam Labs, New & Noteworthy

Just in time for The Game Awards, Valve have rolled out a Steam Labs experiment that brings new and improved ways to browse the platform's extensive library of games.

Valve explained that the goal is to introduce a broader set of ways to browse Steam's catalogue, specifically by introducing additional sub-genres, themes and player modes. 

Seeing as how many users rely on Steam's charts to see what's new and popular, Valve unified them into a single new menu entry dubbed New & Noteworthy. 

As you can see, it's a pretty neat one-stop point for looking up latest and greatest games from the hefty catalogue, as well as any festivals, publisher sales and other seasonal celebrations in the house of GabeN. 

Valve also touched up the existing list of genres, again aiming to provide Steam users with more options. 

"A basic list of genres, while easy to browse, falls a bit short given how large our catalog has grown. Our new Categories menu helps users quickly discover and dive into the breadth and depth of interesting games on Steam. This menu serves up dozens of new categories of games, which can then be explored further", they wrote.

This should cover the chief ways how Steam users browse the platform, which is by genre, theme and player modes. Among them, they feature 48 new genre categories, 8 theme categories and 7 player mode categories. 

Valve Steam Labs, Categories Steam Labs, Categories

The experiment also moves existing top-level menu items like Software and Hardware into Special Sections under Categories, in order to provide a singular categorical browse menu. 

Valve stressed, however, that this is still an experimental feature that will ultimately be decided upon by users. Therefore, you can access it without having to log in via this link , and you can even share links with friends. 

You can find the announcement here .

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