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Steam Labs introduces faceted browsing as new way to explore sales

Published: 17:07, 24 December 2020
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Steam Illustration by AltChar

Steam Labs have been pretty busy sprucing up Valve's distribution platform for the holiday months, and the latest from their kitchen is faceted browsing.

"As part of this year’s Autumn Sale we introduced over a dozen genre- and theme-specific sale pages to help players browse and discover our most popular games on discount during the event. We found these themed pages drove more game store page visits during the sale than all but one other Steam store point of discovery – the grid of featured games at the top of the home page", Valve wrote.

So, the company introduced more of these themed pages in this year's Winter Sale, and they should cover just about everything relevant to you. If you're not close to Steam, you can see how they look on the image below. 

Visiting one of these pages during the Winter Sale will let you browse the category in a bunch of different ways - by sub-genres, themes, or other tags. 

Faceted browsing should facilitate the browsing experience further, allowing you to filter out games by visual style, theme, mood, player support, etc. Concepts can be selected across categories and cleverly combined in different ways. 

For instance, Steam users can look for titles whose pages are colourful and relaxing, or look for Winter Sale pages that are either colourful or cute. 

AltChar Steam Winter Sale categories (above), faceted browsing (below) Steam Winter Sale categories (above), faceted browsing (below)

Note that the themed pages don't include all of the Winter sale titles you may find, but they feature the most popular matches on discount. If you're more interested in sifting through Valve's extensive library, you'd be better off using Steam's regular search feature. 

You can find the Steam Labs announcement here .

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