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Steam Games Festival rebrands, Valve announces the next one's date

Published: 20:20, 24 March 2021
Steam Next Fest
Steam Next Fest

Valve changed the name of Steam Games Festival to Steam Next Fest but other than that, things are mostly the same. They also announced when to expect the next one.

Steam Games Festival was easily one of the biggest spotlight indies could get in recent history and Valve are not about to stop it. In fact, it looks like they are working on things to improve the event and rebranding may be just the first step.

That said, it's hard to gauge how the rebranding would help the event but at least it rhymes as Steam Next Fest sounds a lot catchier and it starts on June 16 with an end date set for June 22, 2021. 

Just like before, the fest will be a multi-day celebration of new games that will have available demos as well as developer live streams.

Each festival thus far has yielded some gems that would have otherwise remained buried under the sheer number of games that are sold on Steam. With the festival, these indies can show what they've got without having to worry about asset flips and mediocre to horrible cash crabs overshadowing them.

You can check out the official website of Steam Next Fest and even set a reminder to nudge you, in case you are keen on checking out various demos or gaining more insight through the developers live streams.

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