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Steam Deck causes Valve to post a YouTube video after eight months

Published: 17:40, 14 August 2021
Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Steam Deck has managed to do the unthinkable before it even released as Valve finally revived their YouTube channel.

It's not every day that Valve posts a new video to the company's YouTube channel. In fact, the last one they posted was the teaser for CS:GO Operation Broken Fang, which aired on December 4, 2020. The thing was literally last year.

Fast forward eight and a half months and we have a new video on the channel of Gaben's company. The Steam Deck is new in many ways but as it turns out, it was also new in such a way that it made Valve use YouTube again.

The video introduces the most powerful handheld gaming PC in the world and reiterates on some of the features you probably know if you followed related news carefully. Some of them include programmable buttons, dual touchpads on top of the touch screen and more, such as the game storage.

Steam Deck is not called that for no reason since it will prioritise gaming on Valve's platform, even though it will not exclude others such as EGS. Starting your gaming on the handheld is as simple as booting it up and logging in to your Steam account, upon which you will have access to your entire library. Alternatively, you can also stream a game from a different computer, as shown in the video.

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