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Steam Cloud Gaming pops up in in Valve's code again

Published: 12:45, 26 May 2020
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It's been a while since the first report of Steam Cloud Gaming service but data miners now stumbled upon yet another mention of the service in Valve's code.

As spotted by VG247, data miner Pavel Djundjik has found more than a single reference to a cloud gaming service in Steam's latest client beta. Moreover, he also found mentions of timed trials on the service.

"Latest Steam client beta adds more support for Steam cloud gaming operations and timed trials", he wrote on Twitter, adding, "The timed trials and cloud gaming are related to each other, there's "GetCloudGameTimeRemaining" method."

Now, this is not the first time we hear of Valve's cloud gaming service, although the company never actually confirmed that such a project is in the works. Nevertheless, there are numerous mentions of the service's communication with Nvidia's cloud gaming operation, which lends additional credibility to what are at the moment still rumours. 

"We knew about NVIDIA before, but this beta adds more methods for Steam to interact with the NVIDIA cloud.For example, CloudGamingNVIDIAUpdateGameList", Djundjik wrote. 

Cloud gaming has come a long way and Stadia's arrival signalled and helped its adoption. They're far from alone there though, with more than a single major player waiting for a piece of that pie. As of press time, Valve refused to comment on any of the findings, but it seems pretty likely that they'll be pursuing expansion opportunities for Steam.

Interestingly, even though most users consider the Epic Games Store to be Steam's main source of headaches, Gabe Newell's recent interview revealed a stance that echoed that of Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney, in that Google and Apple's closed platforms are the real pressing issue. 

Thanks, VG247.

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