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Starfield targeting Q1 2022 release window, insiders claim

Published: 06:48, 17 May 2021
Astronaut looking at a space station, presumably from Starfield
Starfield's presumably leaked in-game shot

Bethesda's highly-anticipated RPG Starfield may not launch in 2021 after all. According to several industry insiders, including Jeff Grubb, this sci-fi RPG is set for release in Q1 2022.

Starfield is one of the biggest upcoming RPG titles and no wonder players are eager to find out when exactly is the game finally coming out. Being Bethesda's next major RPG of the biggest scope ever, Starfield is certainly one of the more frequent topics on social media and gaming forums.

Recently, trusted industry insiders "confirmed" that the game is launching exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X consoles, meaning that this much-anticipated title is set to become the first Bethesda title to not launch on PlayStation since Xbox acquired the publishers.

However, reliable sources can't seem to agree when exactly the game is set to launch. While some claim that Starfield is targeting late 2021 release, others are pretty adamant that the game will not launch before 2022.

Today, we have some new info on the potential release date. YouTuber Skullzi, who recently leaked new screenshots of Starfield claims that the game is targeting Q1 2021 launch window with March being the most likely scenario.  "I'd consider Starfield 2022 basically confirmed from what I have been hearing, seems to be Q1 most likely March," he tweeted.

Jeff Grubb, another reliable source also stated that he believes Q1 2022 is now Starfield's release window. 

At the time of writing, Starfield's release date is yet to be officially announced so make sure to take every info with a grain of salt until Xbox and Bethesda gives us more details on that. Release date and first gameplay showcase is expected at this year's E3.

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