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Starfield map size might end up unparalleled

Published: 19:39, 12 June 2022

Bethesda announced that players will be able to explore space in style with Starfield and their claims sound like there is going to be a whole lot of exploring.

Exploration is one of the charms of Bethesda games, be it in beautiful landscapes of Tamriel or the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Fallout series. That type of focus seems to be intact for Starfield as well, with Todd Howard claiming we will get to explore an incredible number of plants that requires a little bit of a breakdown.

During the showcase, Howard noted we will get to visit over a hundred systems which means over a thousand planets. If this is indeed the case, there is no telling how big the total map of Starfield would be, provided someone actually put one together.

Anyway, these planets also feature more than just a landing zone or two. In the example of Jemison, one of the planets, it was possible to land in New Atlantis, a city, or anywhere else on the planet.

It also remains to be seen how much we would be able to find on these planets and whether they would be worth exploring or just end up being a line of snoozefests. 

Keep in mind this wouldn't be the first time Bethesda had grand claims that didn't pan out as they are now infamous for Howard saying Fallout 76 had "16 times the detail" and we all know how that ended up.

Still, the scale of Starfield seems amazing and it's for that reason we should all hope it turns out good.

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