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Stardew Valley's next fruit decided by public poll

Published: 13:27, 09 April 2020
Screenshot from Stardew Valley showing off its pixelated graphics still looking pretty in vibrant colours.
Stardew Valley

Looking for the next fruit to add to his delightful farming sim Stardew Valley, its developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone posted a poll on Twitter, where players got to pick their favourites. It was bananas.

Barone's poll gave Stardew Valley fans a choice between the Avocado Tree, Banana Tree, Mango Tree and Passionfruit Tree, and bananas may have just shown why they're the most mainstream of 'em all. 

Bananas won with 30.6 per cent of votes, albeit closely followed by the Mango Tree, which actually came close to winning itself with 29.3 per cent. Avocados got 26.5 per cent, while the Passionfruit Tree only mustered 13.6 per cent. 

It seems that Barone learned quite a bit about bananas along the way, as there's no shortage of educational comments on his tweets. 

One of the fans enquired whether Barone's aware that palm trees are technically a type of grass, prompting him to respond, "I have learned that since posting the poll, yes. Also passion fruit grows on a vine". 

In fact, there seems to be enough advice to start your own banana farm, and we don't mean in Stardew Valley.  

Also, we're definitely not complaining, because it's quite interesting how conversations revolving around games can still be quite educational. Not that we're going into bananas farming. Unless it's in Stardew Valley, of course. 

If you're interested in the intricacies of making a game, Barone also answered a few questions by young coder fans, where he discussed the requirements for making something like Stardew Valley all on your own.

The amount of hours per week still equals your average day job, so it's a huge excercise in persistence. You can learn more if you follow the tweet above. 

ConcernedApe Stardew Valley four player LAN party Stardew Valley - four player LAN party

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