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Star Guardian Urgot is real, just not in League of Legends

Published: 01:19, 26 December 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Urgot
League of Legends - Urgot

Holiday season is the time for presents but since we are not the Santa and don't know who wanted which present, we could only hope that bringing a unique memory would suffice. Therefore, it is time to remember the Star Guardian Urgot cosplay.

League of Legends fans have been asking for the Star Guardian Urgot skin for years now but Riot Games are adamant at pretending not to hear the totally not satiric pleas. In case you are not up to speed, the Star Guardian skin line in League of Legends is all anime, colourful, jolly and usually comes to champions that are considered attractive beings. 

All of this is the polar opposite of Urgot. He is the self-made abomination made up of flesh and industrial metal that keeps yapping about true strength that comes when a person is broken and his colour scheme consists of various shades of grey and green. Hence, the meme was born and the community keeps demanding the skin that is against Urgot's nature.

While Riot Games did not indulge their fans' odd request yet, some community members have started to bring the skin to life in their own vision. One such individual is a cosplayer going by the name zeroine who created an elaborate Star Guardian Urgot costume, more than a year ago.

The unholy fusion of the two themes saw the light of day on Anime Expo 2018 as it to various attendees, some of whom were actually Rioters. 

Anyway, while we collectively wait for the developers to officially induct Urgot into the order of Star Guardians, we have zeroine to thank for bringing the first iteration around. It's truly a good time to be alive. You don't see crab-like man machines in such a bright depiction every day. 

You can check zeroine's full .

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