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Star Citizen is selling 117 ships for the small price of $27.000

Published: 15:45, 28 May 2018
Cloud Imperium Games
Space ship is flying in space in Star Citizen with some rocks around it
Star Citizen

Ever since the Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, Star Citizen has enjoyed success with the players "pledging" more money over the years. The success escalated out of proportion, with the game now offering a ship fleet for $27.000.

Star Citizen has "earned" $35 million in 2017 alone, with a staggering record of $186,746,084 (at the time of writing) total income from crowdfunding over the past six years. I use the tern "earn" lightly, as it that fat $35 million check is also a result of the crowdfunding.

So what's the next logical thing to do? Well, you sell fleets of virtual ships for $27.000 a pop. This ridiculously priced bundle is called "The Legatus Pack" and it includes 117 ships as well as 163 "extras". These items include supercolliders, beacons, modules and a pile of other things to accompany the fleet. 

While the $27.000 price tag may look outrageous, the real kicker is that you can't even preview what it contains, without having spent $1000 beforehand. So in order to get The Legatus Pack, you need to drop $28.000 in total. In a video game. That's not released yet. And has no release date. If this doesn't sound shady enough, it remains baffling that people may not see through possible further schemes, such as having to heavily invest in order to even preview the contents of this pack.

This isn't the first time Cloud Imperium Games have pulled a stunt that baffled the public, as they have previously sold  (~$128) a piece , as well as numerous other expensive packs. That said, The Legatus Pack is the first one to reach the ridiculous price of $27.000, with the effective price of $28.000. Well, for the highly unlikely occasion of a person willing to throw $27.000 away, but not $28.000, they can for information on what the pack offers.

Cloud Imperium Games Screenshot of a ship in a hangar in Star Citizen Star Citizen

Star Citizen has allegedly been in development for six years now, raised over $186 million in crowdfunding, it is still far from resembling a finished product and there is no indication on when it might be released, even though the original release date was in late 2014.

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