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FF VII Remake gets first gameplay trailer in nearly four years

Published: 08:02, 10 May 2019
Square Enix
Final Fantast VII Remake screenshot showing the main character looking at yellow flower
Final Fantast VII Remake

Square Enix have finally revealed the first gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake in nearly four years, during the last night's PlayStation State of Play broadcast. The one-minute trailer reveals some cutscenes and combat sequences.

Four years have passed since Japanese gaming giant Square Enix officially announced Final Fantasy VII Remake and sent the fans of the action-RPG franchise into rapture.

With such a huge reveal, many expected that Square Enix will try to keep up the hype levels as high as possible, with new details about the game or even gameplay footage but none of that happened and the publisher went completely silent until last night.

During the PlayStation State of Play broadcast, Square Enix revealed the first gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake in nearly four years. In a one-minute trailer, the devs showed the new design, combat and a couple of cutscenes and it safe to say that Final Fantasy VII Remake looks more like a totally new game than a remake.

Locations, character abilities and level design look a lot different when compared to the original game and some completely new abilities can also be seen in the trailer. Visually, the game looks great too and the combat is fast and explosive and overall, the gameplay is similar to the one we saw four years ago, with a bit better environment and character details.

As for the release date, Square Enix still have nothing to say, which is expected as Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura earlier said that the game was revealed way earlier than he’d have liked, just to keep the rumours down.

However, in a tweet from the official Final Fantasy Twitter account, Nomura states that more details about the game will be revealed pretty soon. "Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month," Nomura said. 

Square Enix ff vii remake screenshot showing the main character Final Fantasy VII Remake

This means that Square Enix will show and talk about the game on the world's biggest gaming expo - E3, which is starting on Tuesday, 11 June 2019.

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