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Square Enix are teasing Outriders expansion

Published: 14:34, 25 May 2021
People Can Fly

Square Enix and People Can Fly have confirmed they are looking forward to expanding their looter shooter Outriders in the future, teasing potential expansions and DLCs.

Outriders did not have the best launch in terms of review scores, especially on Steam, where the overall reviews are at 63 per cent, but it's safe to say that the publisher Square Enix and the developers People Can Fly will be supporting this live-service looter-shooter for the foreseeable future.

They even hinted that more content is coming in one of their recent tweets, so if you're enjoying Outriders at the moment, this is certainly exciting news. 

"Thank you to all players on all platforms! We are continuing to listen carefully and want to assure you all that we are committed to improving and enhancing your experience throughout the coming weeks and months. We're also looking forward to expanding Outriders in the future," the Outriders social media team  stated in a tweet.

People Can Fly Outriders - Prologue Outriders - Prologue

Of course, this does not mean much and we already knew that Outriders will get more content in the near future, but at least it's a confirmation that an expansion or other DLC is in the works.

We expect to hear more about Outriders' post-launch plans this summer, potentially at E3, Summer Games Fest, PC Gaming Show or even The Game Awards later this year. It's safe to assume that the game will be at one of these shows.

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