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Spirit Oath has made its way to Steam Early Access

Published: 17:27, 02 June 2020
Triangle Square Studios
Spirit Oath logo - promo image for Steam Early Access release
Spirit Oath

Spirit Oath is a new world-building, real-time strategy game developed by Triangle Square Studios. The game is now available on Steam Early Access at a discounted price.

Triangle Square Studios' real-time strategy game Spirit Oath is now available on Steam Early Access . The game will have its players summoning spirits, annihilating enemies and casting spells to fight back dark and evil forces.

The new world-building, real-time strategy game is currently available at a discounted price of $10 (regularly priced at $15.)

"We’re very excited to introduce players to the forest guardian Darom, her brethren and the forces of good and evil that inhibit Elderwood, the setting for Spirit Oath," said Triangle Square’s CEO, Yoav Hops.

Spirit Oath combines board game elements with the action of real-time strategy - a package delivered in a beautiful art style. The RTS' gameplay will see the players form patterns with rune tiles to summon and command spirit warriors to defend and protect their lands.

The Triangle Square team plans on developing additional content as they update the game through the Steam Early Access period. Community feedback from early adopters will help drive gameplay changes and content included in future updates.

"Now that the Early Access version is wrapped up we’re already looking forward to our first content update,” continued Hops. “We’re excited to add even more variety including a skill tree and additional art. We’re also really looking forward to feedback from players, and hearing their requests."

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