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Spencer: More Xbox console hardware coming down the road

Published: 10:08, 28 September 2020
Xbox Series X/S pre-order start date
Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft's development of Xbox Series X is not all the company is planning to do in terms of console hardware, as Phil Spencer announced more down the road.

Speaking to Yahoo! Finance, Spencer was asked to comment on xCloud and Game Pass, and what they may mean for Xbox development. "We're about putting the player in the centre. It's not about the device in the middle anymore", he said. 

He stressed that the key is to remove any hardware limitations to accessing your Xbox library, be it from an Xbox Series X console or an Android phone, with devices acting merely as access points to your library of games.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is still far from removing hardware from the equation, as they've ample plans for innovation in the console hardware department.

"In terms of future hardware, absolutely I think we're going to see more console hardware down the road. Just like in video, just like in music, it's not that streaming has cut off device innovation. I think we'll continue to see that and it's absolutely what we're planning for", Spencer said. 

To make matters even more interesting, Team Blur Games' Gavin Stevens said he's heard something from a former work colleague pertaining to Xbox Series X, or possibly Xbox Game Studios acquisitions. Unfortunately, while he insists it's going to be huge, he gave away very little else. 

"No, I won’t give details, because to be fair, I’m not fully up on the specifics. You will all see soon enough anyway, regardless. But when DO you find out...", he wrote on Twitter. Okay, now we're officially hyped.

You can find Spencer's full interview with Yahoo! Finance here .

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