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Sony will be launching more games on PC, report suggests

Published: 08:07, 31 August 2020
Guerilla Games
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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony's corporate report has openly stated that they'll keep considering migrating their IP to PC platforms, in an attempt to further drive profitability.

PlayStation owners who think their exclusives are the lifeblood of the company have nothing to worry about - Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) clearly state they'll continue to "reinforce content IP" to differentiate their products. 

If, however, you think that migrating them to PC afterwards is sacrilege, you may want to skip the following quote. Perhaps expectedly so, Sony found a way to have their cake an eat it too.

"We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability", they wrote.

Which is not to say that Sony's gaming division needs propping up - quite the contrary. Game & Network Services are in fact up there as the most profitable segment of the company. 

The report lists 113 million active PSN users and 45 million PS Plus subscribers, but Sony are well aware that if you're not expanding - you're effectively shrinking. 

There's a pretty vocal section of PlayStation owners who seem to think that it's the exclusivity that sets the platform apart. It even led to Horizon Zero Dawn's producer snapping back at critics with a response that's well worth a read .

Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy walking towards a big mechanic dinosaur Horizon Zero Dawn

While there's no doubt that there are various factors that need to be overcome before all platforms are bridged properly, there's also no doubt that time is approaching fast. And here's to that. 

You can find Sony's corporate report here . Thanks, Kotaku

Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn

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