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First PS5 details: ray tracing, SSD and backwards compatibility

Published: 13:42, 16 April 2019
Updated: 13:49, 16 April 2019
artwork showing dualshock 2 controller for ps4
Dualshock 2

Sony's lead system architect Mark Cerny has revealed first PS5 details in an interview with Wired. Cerny said that PlayStation 5 will feature AMD's 7nm GPU and CPU, ray tracing and SSD, and it certainly won't be launching this year.

After many speculations and leaks about Sony's next-gen console - PlayStation 5, Sony's lead system architect Mark Cerny has finally revealed first, official details about the upcoming flagship. In an interview with Wired, Cerny confirmed a lot of earlier reports that suggested some of the new features, including CPU and GPU from AMD and solid state drive disk.

The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and it features eight cores of AMD's upcoming 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. As for the GPU, it's a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family, again AMD's upcoming product. 

Another big news is the introduction of ray tracing. According to Cerny, AMD's Navi will support ray tracing, a technique that was only recently introduced to PC, for owners of Nvidia's RTX cards. Cerny also said that Navi includes a custom unit for 3D audio "that will redefine what sound can do in a videogame". 

“It's been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. With the next console the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to it,” Cerny explained.

PlayStation 5 will also have SSD and according to Wired, Cerny showed off the power of the console's new feature with a practical demo in Marvel's Spider-man. He fast-travelled between some locations and PS4 Pro took 15 seconds to load while the next-gen PlayStation devkit finished the same action in less than a second.

Unfortunately, Cerny did not mention specific details about the SSD - who makes it, whether it utilizes the new PCIe 4.0 standard or the size - but he claims it will have a higher raw bandwidth than any SSD available for PCs.

It's also confirmed that Sony won't ditch physical discs for digital download or streaming and it will be backwards compatible with PS4. Cerny also made it clear that the console will certainly not release in 2019.

Sony PlayStation 4 with a DualShock 4 on top. PlayStation 4

For more details on Sony's new flagship, you can check Cerny's interview on the .

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