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Sony are refunding Maneater if you got it on PlayStation 5 recently

Published: 09:25, 31 December 2020
Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and GreedFall are PS Plus games for January, 2021.
January's PS Plus games

It looks like Sony are offering refunds to players who purchased Maneater on PlayStation 5 recently. This decision comes shortly after the game was announced for PS Plus' January free games lineup.

Yesterday, Sony have officially announced "free" PlayStation Plus games for the first month of 2021. The January lineup includes three games, though one of them is exclusive to PlayStation 5 players. If you are PlayStation Plus subscriber, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Greedfall and Maneater (PS5) are the games you'll get to try in this upcoming month.

As always, some players were annoyed that certain games are included in the offer shortly after they purchased them for a full price. One of these games is Maneater and players have been pretty vocal on the social media about it. And it seems that Sony have listened and will offer a refund to everyone who recently purchased the game on PlayStation 5. 

Players report that they have received a message from Sony, where the publisher states that the game will be refunded but stay in the players' library. Here's the message in full:

"As a subscriber of PlayStation Plus, we will refund the purchase price of this product to your PlayStation Store wallet as this is a PlayStation Plus monthly game. This will not affect your ability to play the game as we have not removed the game from your library."

The player who got the refund claims that he kept the original licence of the game which means if he ends his PS Plus subscription, he won't lose the game. 

Sony are yet to officially confirm if they are indeed offering refunds for Maneater.

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