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Sonic Rangers is open-world, runs 120 FPS on Xbox, claims alleged playtester

Published: 11:43, 02 June 2021
Sonic Team teaser screenshot showing sonic
Sonic Team teaser

Alleged playtester has shared details about the next major Sonic game which is rumoured to be called Sonic Rangers. The leaker states the game is open-world, inspired by Breath of the Wild and runs in 120 FPS on Xbox.

SEGA recently announced a brand new, untitled Sonic game, which is currently slated for release in 2022 for PC and consoles. At the time of writing, the details about this title are pretty scarce, we basically get a small cinematic teaser with a confirmation that Sonic Team is working on the game.

However, thanks to the most recent leak which is coming from an alleged playtester, some details about the open-world, gameplay and performance have surfaced via Reddit . The leaker claims they have played the demo of the game. Here are the most interesting details shared in the post:

  • The game is open-world, set on an island with no inhabitants. Similar to Breath of the Wild. 
  • "Korok Puzzles" are quite challenging.
  • There are robot enemies in this game, but there are also these spiritual creatures like the Gaia Monsters from Unleashed. 
  • The gameplay has little to no changes when compared to Unleashed.
  • The movement is a bit less stiff while boosting and the homing attack is now mapped to the X/Square/Y button on consoles.
  • Xbox version runs at 90-120 FPS with a few drops in the forest areas.
  • There is also a lot of motion blur in the game*, and this time it actually looks good, unlike the motion blur in Unleashed.
  • The story is a bit more serious, but a point of concern is that this could be another shadow in terms of writing. 
  • Sonic’s attitude in this game is similar to Boom sonic but he does take things seriously, resulting in the best Sonic performance from Roger yet. 
  • The plot does seem to revolve around the spirit girl, but in the demo, they don’t go very in-depth.

The leaker added that the game looks very promising and thinks SEGA will show more at the upcoming E3 show.

As always with leaks and rumours, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt.

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