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Some food buffs a bit too much in New World Outpost Rush

Published: 03:27, 02 November 2021
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New World
New World

New World players discovered another bug in the pile that the Outpost Rush activity is built upon and combined with the existing hatchet problem, it is a must-use until a fix arrives.

Outpost Rush allows players to invest resources in some things that might give them an advantage over the opposing teams. One of the offerings is the Battle Bread, which increases damage versus players by 10 per cent, or so the New World UI claims.

The actual numbers are quite different and players put it on themselves to do proper testing. Most foods did what they say they would, even when inside Outpost Rush but Battle Bread went a bit overboard.

Instead of 10 per cent, it increased the player's damage by roughly 30 per cent, which is overpowered on its own but there is more. It also provided around 40 per cent damage reduction, creating some of the most ridiculous meta-defining occurrences.

When you combine this with other glitched items and perks, the state of Outpost Rush is pretty one-dimensional. Hatchets are already offering way too much damage because Against All Odds perk tends to overstay its welcome, so when it's combined with Battle Bread, hatchet-wielders are probably able to punt people into the moon.

If you're leaning on the opposite side, however, you can also get much more defence than intended, also thanks to bugs. Resilient perk that can roll on armour pieces is still bugged so it reduces all damage instead of only the critical, meaning it only gets more ridiculous with the bread buff.

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Overall, hatchet-wielding players kitted out in armour with Resilient perks are veritable tanks that shoot nuclear warheads, meaning the Outpost Rush result is mostly defined by the number of players running the combo on each team.

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