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Sombra's OW2 overhaul re-focuses her on damage

Published: 23:49, 26 September 2021
Sombra looking at one of her holo displays
Overwatch - Sombra

Sombra will be dealing much more damage, provided the right conditions are met, when her Overwatch 2 rework arrives.

Sombra is one of the DPS heroes with the most utility in Overwatch and while the Overwatch 2 rework will lean more into her damage-dealing ability, she will still provide amenities for her team.

Her hack will now disable the opponent's abilities for one second only but it will also reveal the enemy for everyone on her team. The hack will essentially paint a target on their back as everyone will see them, even through walls. 

Furthermore, she will be able to hack more often and it will break stealth only temporarily but the health packs will remain hacked for only half a minute, instead of a full one. The most important change to the hack mechanic, at least for Sombra herself, will be the fact that it will increase her weapon's damage on them by 50 per cent.

On that note, the machine pistol will now deal roughly 22 per cent base damage but it will be more accurate, essentially making Sombra a potent assassin if she's shooting a hacked target.

Additionally, her ultimate will no longer shut down shields or delete barriers on your health bar but it will deal 40 per cent of max health damage to everyone affected. Plus, it will paint a bunch of targets her teams can see everywhere and she can shoot with increased damage.

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