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Sojourn gets cinematic Overwatch 2 introduction, gameplay soon

Published: 00:47, 14 April 2022
Overwatch 2 - Sojourn with the team
Overwatch 2 - Sojourn with the team

Blizzard seems to be heating up the promotion for Overwatch 2 as we are finally going to see the new hero, soon.

Sojourn will be one of the first new heroes we will witness in the world of Overwatch , ever since the release of Echo two years ago. Her new trailer shows some of the backstories of the character but the gameplay showcase isn't too far behind either.

Her real name is Vivian Chase and she appears to have originally served with the Canadian Special Forces. It is through joint missions that she came into contact with Overwatch and she liked working with Jack Morrison, aka Soldier 76. After the Omnic Crisis, Morrison extended an invite to Overwatch, which she accepted.

Sojourn's duties in the team included various roles, from running point in the field to being the team leader and she apparently enjoyed her time there thoroughly. It is currently not revealed what the exact reason was for her leaving.

The trailer features several still images of Sojourn, showing her cybernetics extensively. Those who followed the hero's appearances in promotional material so far are probably aware that her arms are among the most noticeable ones.

For those not in the know, Sojourn's weapon is firing quickly but it looks like her alternate fire is some sort of a railgun and both ways of shooting include launching projectiles from her right arm, which has been turned into a gun.

Blizzard also noted they will show her in action on April 14, 2022 , through a gameplay livestream.

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