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Sogetsu Kazama joins Samurai Shodown roster

Published: 14:04, 01 April 2020
SNK Corporation
Samurai Shodown - Sogetsu Kazama
Samurai Shodown - Sogetsu Kazama

SNK announced Sogetsku Kazama as the newest character for Samurai Shodown already and now he has joined the roster. This one will be available as either a single purchase or as part of a season pass.

Sogetsu has joined the Samurai Shodown crew in North America while the European players will have to wait one more day as the character will make a debut in this region on 2 April 2020. He is available on all supported consoles so far - PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

According to the official description, Sogetsu has cold and decisive demeanour, much like water, the element he favours so much. This allowed Kazuki's brother to accomplish any task he set his mind to.

However, the cold appearance is only on the surface as Sogetsu cares deeply about his younger brother and sister. He will go extreme lengths to ensure their safety. 

As you can see from the character trailer below, Sogetsu uses his hydrokinetic powers to entrap enemies in order to deliver crushing blows as a followup but also to complement certain devastating combos as watery bursts can keep enemies airborne, provided they are timed correctly.

That said, the samurai doesn't rely on his powers of controlling water exclusively as he is obviously proficient in martial arts and usage of his katana comes naturally.

Players can gain access to Sogetsu at the price of $5.99 / €5.99. Alternatively, he becomes available as part of the Season Pass 2 on PlayStation 4 for $13.99 / €13.99 where he comes along with Iroha and one yet unrevealed fighter. Switch and Xbox One equivalent is Season Pass 2 where four fighters are bundled - Mina, Iroha, Sogetsu and the unrevealed one.

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