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New Smite update adds serpent god Jormungandr to the roster

Published: 15:01, 04 March 2019
Hi-Rez Studios
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Hi-Rez Studios' new update for their free to play MOBA Smite has added a new Norse guardian Jormungandr to the huge gods roster. Along with the new god, the new update introduces skins for other gods and changes to the deserter system.

Free to play MOBA Smite has introduced a new god to its huge roster in the latest update. The new god is named Jormungandr, he's the mythical Norse serpent guardian and he's a bit unique when compared to other gods from the roster.

Due to his size, Jormungandr cannot be affected by Hard Displacement knockback ability. Instead, he will get debuffed by Dazed effect that will fade slowly and increase the damage he takes for the duration.

When it comes to his attacks, the massive serpent will focus on its poison and size. With the Venomous Haze ability, Jormungandr can fire noxious spit at an area that will then deal damage and create a large poisonous cloud.

Jormungandr can have a maximum of nine toxic clouds on the field at the same time, and he can even use them to buff his other abilities. Channelling the power from these clouds will make Jormungandr roar and deal damage to all enemies, trembling and slowing enemy gods.

Being a giant snake, he can submerge into the ground which makes him invisible. During this time, Jormungandr moves faster and gains predatory vision which reveals enemies in a large radius. While in stealth, he can emerge out of the ground knocking up enemies around him.

His ultimate is called The World Serpent and it sees Jormungandr dive down into the ground, crashing the enemies as he submerges and emerges multiple times. 

The official trailer reveals some pretty devastating combos and in right hands, the serpent can certainly cause proper havoc to the enemy team.

Hi-Rez Studios picture showing a giant serpent in smite Smite

Along with the new god, Hi-Rez Studios added new skins for Anhur, Wolfsbane Skadi, Deathbringer King Arthur and Dragon Prince Ne Zha among others.

The new patch also brings changes to the deserter penalty system which will now take much longer to reset, and the punishments will start smaller but ramp up to become more intense. This change is introduced to go easier on players who made smaller mistakes but to be more punishing to repeat offenders.

You can check the for a more detailed look on the new god, skins and bug fixes.

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