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SMITE is getting Charybdis, completing the set

Published: 14:56, 03 August 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
SMITE - Charybdis
SMITE - Charybdis

Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games teased the new character for SMITE, which will practically complete the set of two from the Greek mythology.

Scylla and Charybdis are well-known creatures in Greek mythology but for some reason, they don't appear as often as many would like in modern media. It appears that Hi-Rez folks spotted this hole and wanted to be one of those rare teams that incorporated them in their game.

SMITE saw Scylla's arrival more than seven years ago but her other part, Charybdis, has been missing for all that time. This will change soon as the devs teased the new creature joining the game's roster and just like her partner in crime, Charybdis will take on a human form, partially.

The reveal happened only through a trailer thus far and the devs didn't officially post any details about the monster's abilities or role but they did note that Charybdis is going to be released in August 2021.

However, the heterochromatic creature is shown to use some sort of throwing knives so that is probably an ability to be expected. When Bellona enters the fray to protect a human, Charybdis is also shown to extend one of the monstrous appendages, which is all but guaranteed to be another one of her skills. After all, Scylla has been doing similar things for years now.

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