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Silent Hill Reboot could be revealed next month, insider claims

Published: 06:46, 24 April 2020
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Silent Hill

Rumoured Silent Hill Reboot title, which is apparently coming exclusively to PS5, could be revealed by Sony in May 2020 according to a ResetEra insider KatharsisT.

As you may know, Silent Hill Reboot has been subject to many rumours and speculations over the past couple of months. Reliable leaker DuskGolem who previously revealed details about Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes, claims that Sony and Konami are indeed working on the game , despite Konami's recent comments which denied these rumours. 

Today we have another Silent Hill Reboot tease from another industry insider. Over at ResetEra KatharsisT has hinted at a potential reveal date for the game. In a Silent Hill Reboot thread, KatharsisT wrote : "It's too calm here. It won't last long" suggesting that an imminent announcement regarding the reboot could be coming soon.

One forum user pointed out that it is highly unlikely that a new Silent Hill game gets a standalone reveal trailer outside of the PS5 event, to which KatharsisT replied : "MAYbe."

Konami Silent Hill 3 - Robbie the Rabbit Silent Hill 3 - Robbie the Rabbit

Sony's PS5 reveal event is rumoured for May 2020, and KatharsisT suggests that Silent Hill Reboot will be revealed at the event, along with other games. This does seem possible and it correlates with the earlier info from Dusk Golem, who also confirmed that the reveal will happen this year.

As always, take these rumours with a grain of salt just like any other unconfirmed info even if the source is pretty reliable.

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