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Shenmue 4 seemingly teased by writer, again

Published: 03:32, 04 February 2020
Ys Net
Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 did not really take the world by storm but Ys Net seem to be working on Shenmue 4 already. Teaser for the fourth instalment have been flying for a while now, with the latest coming from the writer Cedric Biscay on 3 February 2020.

Shenmue 3 was unfortunately not making the headlines for the right reasons. The game saw a lot of controversy after the developers decided to release it exclusively on Epic Games Store when it comes to PC and when that kerfuffle died down, it became apparent that Ys Net's title wasn't selling like hotcakes.

Therefore, the core fans who had been waiting for decades for Shenmue 3 had a good reason to worry that they might not see more games in the franchise and therefore not see the conclusion to the story.

Their hopes were kept up by the teasers that were left behind by Cedric Biscay, who worked on the third title. Initially, Lakshya Digital spilt the beans in January 2020 as they announced they are looking forward to working on Shenmue 4 soon. After fans were unsure whether there was truth to these rumours, .

Fast forward to 3 February 2020, the man did it again and more directly. While he didn't specifically state he's talking about Shenmue 3, Biscay's Twitter lit up after he posted a somewhat cryptic message that simply said " ". Fans of Shenmue immediately assumed he is teasing the fourth part of story and their hopes have not been crushed yet.

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Shenmue 3

Scrolling through the comments, there is no indication of Biscay talking about something else. More importantly, there is a deluge of Shenmue fans' hopeful comments and Biscay did not respond to any of them and did not deny the fourth part's development either. At least he didn't at the time of writing.

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