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Shanghai Dragons win Overwatch League's Stage 3 playoffs

Published: 07:46, 15 July 2019
Shanghai Dragons
A glass with Shanghai Dragons logo on it
Shanghai Dragons' glass is empty, so look for metaphors elsewhere.

Overwatch League's team Shanghai Dragons hasn't exactly become famous for winning streaks, even though their Season 1 'record' of 0-40 is still a record, but their fortunes have turned immensely as they now won OWL Stage 3 playoffs.

Dragons' season didn't start off great though, as the Week 1 of Stage 1 and their loss to Hangzhou Spark suggested we may even see the same ol' from Shanghai's Overwatch team.

However, those familiar with the team knew that Shanghai Dragons are a much different team this year, not least for their mass recruitment from contenders Kongdoo Panthera's roster, and they bounced back in Week 2 with a convincing 3:1 victory over Boston Uprising.

Where Shanghai Dragons really shone though is Stage 3, as they managed to topple the top three teams in the league, which does well to explain the elation on the photo below.

Atlanta Reign, Los Angeles Gladiators, Guangzhou Charge, Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior, Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock all fell to Shanghai Dragons' heroic Stage 3 effort, which is a huge result and a certain sign of the bad times being long behind them.

Of course, bad times doesn't tell the whole story, because as miserable as their first season in Overwatch League may have been, many have found themselves cheering for Shanghai Dragons to win a match with the same vigour one would cheer for a champion. 

Yours truly found himself in that camp, which probably has something to do with the archetypal David and Goliath story, but that's a whole 'nother story. 

While it's unlikely that their Season 1 'record' will be matched anytime soon, Shanghai Dragons have definitely stepped into a new era and they deserve every plaudit and the accompanying spotlight - David not only won, he wrecked the top three Goliaths in the game.

Blizzard Shanghai Dragons Overwatch League team celebrating a victory Shanghai Dragons

Stage 3 was also notable for some meta changes, as Overwatch's team composition of 3 tanks - 3 supports setup took a step back to 3-2-1 and SombrAna compositions, although we may soon see some forced changes on Blizzard's

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