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Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay goes full Spider-Mode

Published: 00:43, 21 July 2020
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Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3

Devolver Digital released a 17-minute long gameplay video of Shadow Warrior 3, which proved to be just was ridiculous as the publisher's presentations.

Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay video sees Lo Wang free-running across major precipices with the help of a grappling hook that he found on a corpse which he promptly grabbed in a 69 position. Sounds weird enough? If that's up your alley, you are in for a proper treat.

The video opens with Zilla, Lo Wang's former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick, gets sucked into a mask which is what prompts the protagonist to go on a gory rampage with all kinds of breakneck stunts involved.

While cutting a swath through hordes of silly demons, Lo Wang gets to appreciate his love for six-shooters, the destructive shotgun and the katana he tends to bring to gunfights.

When the aforementioned grappling hook is acquired, the protagonist even makes a remark that it reminds him of a certain superhero whose last name rhymes with Parker. The reference is not direct but it does contain lyrics from the theme song.

Using the grappling hook for transportation may remind you of web-slinging that Spider-Man does but utilising it for combat certainly gives Bulletstorm vibes as the kills get just as violent and gory.

Just like any other good celebration, the gorefest features fireworks. As you might imagine, these are used as weapons as well since Lo Wang is seen wreaking havoc among demons by shooting them up with the colourful tiny explosions.

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