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SGDQ raised $3 million for Doctors Without Borders

Published: 19:37, 30 June 2019
Games Done Quick
Promotional image for SGDQ 2019
SGDQ 2019

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 has officially concluded by breaking all the previous records while raising $3 million for charity. SGDQ also put up a quick infographic showing how many people donated and how much some of them put in.

Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning extravaganza proved to be the most successful in the history of all Games Done Quick events with a grand total of $3 million raised for Doctors Without Borders.

The speedrunning marathon lasted for a week thanks to participation of a huge chunk of the speedrunning community that resulted in 141 runs in total. Interestingly enough, not all speedrunners were technically human since Dwango's creation, TASBot, also does its own shenanigans.

There were 105 bids in total that helped raise more money through stretch goals. For example, reaching over $5,000 in one donation caused a Streets of Rage run to switch from Easy to Hardest difficulty. In another instance, swordsmankirby had to achieve the good ending in DuckTales 2.

The exact amount of money donated was $3,006,278.87 which was achieved from a total of 50,916 donations that came from 32,797 donors. That is a lot of notifications.

Average donation amount turned out to be just below a AAA title's price, standing at $59.04. If you donated a fiver don't feel bad that you didn't meet the average - the number would probably be much lower if not for a few extremely high donations.

One of those donations was $341,000 but we didn't catch the glimpse of who it was - we know the number only because this turned out to be the highest donation at the event and you can see it on the .

DwangoAC Picture of the TASBot that participates in speedrunning events TASBot

It is worth noting that the $3 million figure overshot the previous record by almost $600,000. The previous record was set during Awesome Games Done Quick that was held at the start of 2019.

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