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Server merging is coming to New World soon

Published: 12:46, 08 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios provided a hint about the upcoming server merges in New World as the population went down and left many players unable to party up.

Co-op content is mandatory for the primary quest on several occasions in New World and in what is probably a huge oversight, the Well Guardian quest requires you to find other people with that exact quest in their log or they otherwise can't join the arena. 

When the servers are crowded and people are waiting in queue to play the game, this is not that much of an issue but when the inevitable dip happens after the launch hype, people end up stuck in such areas, without enough players to complete the content. Besides the main quest, numerous other New World mechanics rely on an active player base, such as the economy, wars, invasions and other activities.

Following the large dip in the active player base, the community started asking for server merging in order to get more active people to play with and AGS finally responded in one such thread on the forums. The exact words were that "world merges are on the horizon" so they are not too far away from launch but there is currently no exact date.

The devs pointed out that the solution is currently undergoing testing in order not to mess up the same way other fixes did, which resulted in new bugs and glitches being born along the way. 

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

Either way, it's good news for the remaining players because additional testing will probably mean the launch will not carry game-breaking issues with it, like when gold dupe prevention caused a new way to dupe gold.

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