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Scavenger mod stacking in Destiny 2 PvP is finally going away

Published: 23:00, 13 August 2021
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie

Whether you're sick of apes or snipers, Season 15 should offer a slight relief as they will run out of ammo more often.

One-shotting opposing players in video games can sometimes be fun but getting destroyed in a single hit is usually so annoying that it doesn't balance out well. That is the case with Destiny 2 's current state of PvP where everyone keeps using Special weapons, capable of one-hit kills that are meant to be balanced out by the scarcity of their ammo.

That is not the case, courtesy of Scavenger mods, which ensure the players relying on Special ammo have plenty at all times. One annoying mechanic that is related to the mods is that they can be stacked for higher efficiency, which is one of the major factors for the 100 per cent uptime on Special weapons.

With Season 15, this type of loadout will go out the window since the Scavenger mods will no longer stack and Special ammo should technically become slightly more scarce, considering that the second Scavenger mod's efficiency was already reduced due to the mod stacking mechanics.

Anyway, Bungie folks are hoping this will be enough but they noted they will keep monitoring the situation. However, speaking from experience, a single Scavenger mod is often enough to keep shooting people with Special ammo all the time so let's hope that gets nerfed in the future too.

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