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Satisfactory sales numbers on Epic Games Store finally revealed

Published: 10:06, 08 June 2019
Coffee Stain Studios
Promotional image for Satisfactory by Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios have posted a developer update video where Jace Valetti finally spoke about the much-requested sales numbers for Satisfactory. The game has sold just over 500,000 copies so far after going exclusive to Epic Games Store.

Satisfactory is one of the titles that ditched Steam in favour of Epic Games Store which caused the gaming community to pose questions about sales and the potential damage done to them due to the store's infamy. 

As it turns out, Satisfactory sold 507,374 units at the time of making the video above. Jace Varlet, Coffee Stain's community manager, confirmed this number and also admitted to outright lying to fans previously - the game didn't actually sell 10 copies, nor eight or 15. For shame.

He also went on to state Satisfactory is the best launch the studio had so far which may run contrary to some previously available data. Coffee Stain's other big name game, Goat Simulator, had sold about in roughly four months which is double the number of copies Satisfactory sold in almost three months since release.

On the other hand, Satisfactory costs more than thrice as much, standing at $29.99 / €29.99, compared to $9.99 / €8.19. On top of that Goat Simulator was a subject to 30 per cent revenue cut by Steam, compared to 12 per cent by Epic Games, meaning Coffee Stain definitely earned much more cabbage with Satisfactory.

In case you are interested in the game and have no beef with Epic Games over exclusivity deals, you can actually still pick the game up at 33 per cent off, due to Epic's $10 off policy with the summer sale. Coffee Stain was one of the studios that did not remove their game once the sale kicked off.

Coffee Stain Studios A goat standing in a desert in Goat Simulator Goat Simulator - Waste of Space DLC

As for Varlet and Coffee Stain's reaction to the sales, they thanked the players for the support shown by purchasing Satisfactory. Varlet didn't miss out on an opportunity to meme on the situation, repeatedly stating he is proud of every unit sold, referencing a Get Him to the Greek scene. Hell, his was covered in the scene at the time of writing.

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