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PUBG's next event mode will be Sanhok Forty-Fivers

Published: 20:33, 02 August 2018
Picture of two people in PUBG, one of them is crouching and firing her weapon
PUBG - Sanhok Forty-Fivers

Bluehole and PUBG Corp have announced a new time limited event mode named Sanhok Forty-Fivers just as it commenced on live servers. It will last until 05 August 2018 19:00 PDT for the Americas or 06 August 2018 04:00 CEST for Europe.

Just as the name indicates, this mode will be played out on Sanhok and it will only feature weapons that use .45 calibre ammo. That means that Tommy Guns, Win94, R45 and the P1911 will be normally available, with throwables thrown into the mix to spice things up. Bluehole didn't forget the Vector, although it will only spawn in care packages, probably to avoid every other gun being obsolete.

Sanhok Forty-Fivers' format will be 20 squads of four players each, for a total of 80 players on the map. Not every zone will get the same queues though, as North America, Europe and parts of Asia will have queues for both third and first person perspectives, but Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Oceania and South Africa will get only third person play.

Once players land in Sanhok, they will find the safe zone rather small and visible from the start. As I previously mentioned, players will have to look for care packages in order to obtain a Vector, but it will also contain other goodies, such as level three gear and "other useful items", likely consumables.

While the mode will be limited to four-man squads, players will be able to go in with smaller squads or solo but the upper limit of 80 players will always remain in place. Auto matching can be toggled on or off.

The Red zone will be disabled for this mode, weather will be set to Overcast and killer spectating will be enabled, as per usual. One not so usual thing is that friendly fire will be disabled in order to avoid team killing.

PUBG Corp Female player character is aiming her AWM while crouching on top of a hill. PUBG - AWM

Considering the map's size and the weapons that will be available, it's safe to say this mode will provide a relief from regular tension inducers like Miramar and Erangel, due to a lower chance of getting shot in the face without being able to see it coming.

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