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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time video game announced

Published: 10:34, 26 February 2020
Adult Swim
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time , Aku and Jack
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, the duo

Having switched from Cartoon Network to Adult Swim, Samurai Jack's final season was not only a magnificent and more mature conclusion to one of the best shows ever, but it also broke our hearts. It turns out, however, that the foolish samurai is far from done.

Unlike the simple flash-based Samurai Jack games that were on the old site, which were perfectly fine for the age of Jack's fans at the time, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is in line with Adult Swim's more mature Jack. 

Of course, that doesn't mean some iconic characters from Jack's past, or his future, if you want to be nitpicky about proper viewing of the timeline, ain't coming back.

 "Become Samurai Jack, the greatest warrior of the past, present and future. Journey through time to finally stop Aku's evil reign in this new adventure told by the creators of Samurai Jack. Encounter your favorite characters from the show including The Scotsman, Scaramouche, Sir Rothchild and more", the description reads. 

As for the exact time Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time's story takes place, the dev, Soleil Ltd, said that it ties into the series finale, but t will be a completely new story. 

It will feature "trusted allies" from the show and familiar enemies, as well the worlds and moments from Jack's beautiful but heartwrenching conclusion.

Adult Swim Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time traps Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

"Travel to a dark future to free mankind. Dive into the past to face off against terrifying monsters. Seek your fate as you travel across space and time. Equip and master over a dozen different weapons in combat. Increase your power even more by training and unlocking new skills to support your playstyle."

Saurai Jack launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in Summer 2020. 

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time by Adult Swim Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

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