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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 offers special Xbox Game Pass

Published: 15:49, 05 August 2020
Xbox Game Pass on Galaxy Note 20
Xbox Game Pass on Galaxy Note 20

It's becoming increasingly clear that Xbox Game Pass is the real next-gen platform from Microsoft, and Samsung decided to join in on the fun with a pretty great deal.

Samsung are launching their own next-gen device today, and those who purchase Galaxy Note 20 will be getting a special treat. 

In addition to announcing that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners gain access to more than 100 games off the cloud, Microsoft teamed up with Samsung to bring a special version of the Xbox Game Pass app in Samsung's Galaxy Store. 

"Today, we also announced Xbox is partnering with Samsung to make gaming more accessible to players around the world, via the cloud. With cloud gaming (beta) as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, members can play Xbox games on their Xbox console, PC and Android devices using an Xbox controller", they wrote. 

The two companies have been in strategic partnership for about a year now, and this one was definitely not just for show. In fact, Samsung's Galaxy Store will let you do stuff Android phones won't be able to, like buying expansions, DLC and/or more. 

Samsung's Xbox Game Pass kicks off on September 15, 2020. Should you preorder Galaxy Note 20, you will be given an option to buy the Gaming Bundle. The bundle comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the new Power A MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller with an attachable phone clip. 

Xbox artwork showing pc, monitor, keyboard and mouse and xbox controller Four new titles for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Microsoft are clearly not letting up with Game Pass and we currently don't know of a service that's as generous as the green team has been to their users. With cross-play becoming increasingly prevalent, it's safe to assume that this decade will be the last one where players are concerned with platforms, and Xbox's team has made sure they're ready for it. And then some. 

You can find the announcement here .

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