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Saints Row 2 is free on GOG

Published: 13:01, 20 April 2017
Saints Row 2

GOG is hosting a sale of their entire Deep Silver catalog. The second game in the Saints Row franchise will be available for free during the next 48 hours.

GOG is celebrating the fact two of Volition's crazy action games arrived on their, in my case, chrome shelves, DRM - free. During the next 48 hours, Saints Row titles available for PC will be discounted by some 75 percent, and the second game in the franchise, aptly named Saints Row 2, will be totally free. Moreover, if you own these games on Steam, you can pick them up on GOG as well, entirely free of charge.

This is the first time Saints Row 4, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell have been released DRM - free.

Volition Saints Row IV characters riding in a purple car Saints Row IV

If you decide to buy the games, you can bag the lot for some £12. Saints Row games aren't the only ones on sale though, as more games by Deep Silver make an appearance on the list as well. These include the Metro games, Deadlight, Risen series and Scared 2. The bunch is discounted by 75 percent as well.

Saints Row 2 is an open world experience, set five years after the events of the first Saints Row. The original was released only for Xbox 360 in 2006. The third instalment takes place three years after the events of the Saints Row 2 unfolded. 

Volition Promotional image for Saints Row The Third: The Full Package Saints Row 3

The fourth game is the one that got me hooked, even though it differs significantly from its predecessors, it's still fun as all hell. I mean, you have the President of the United States running around, trying to get out of the virtual reality some aliens have him in. 

The Deep Silver sale will last until 27 April, and if you want to grab the free game, head to and click the banner. You'll only need a GOG account. 

I'm off to play now. Have fun.

Volition Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2

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