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Rumour: Valve are trying to get Xbox Game Pass on Steam

Published: 16:06, 12 April 2021
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Steam Illustration by AltChar

According to reliable insider and YouTuber Tyler McVicker aka ValveNewsNetwork, Valve are trying to get Xbox Game Pass subscription service on their storefront Steam.

Microsoft's subscription service Xbox Game Pass is one of the hottest things in gaming at the moment and it seems like it's moving forward at a lightning speed with new exciting additions. At the moment, you can subscribe to Game Pass via your Xbox consoles, PC and Android devices but as expected, Microsoft have big plans for expansion onto other platforms including iOS and according to the latest rumours, Steam. 

Valve insider and YouTuber Tyler McVicker who you may know as ValveNewsNetwork has revealed in his latest Q and Q video that Valve has an interest in bringing Xbox Game Pass to Steam. Yes, you read that right, Valve are the one pursuing the deal with Microsoft, not the other way around, which some may expect since Microsoft have been quite aggressive with their deals in the last year or so. 

McVicker mentions the Steam Xbox Game Pass bit at 31:10.

Sadly, the leaker did not offer additional info regarding this potential partnership but if the two companies are indeed working on a deal, then it won't be long before we get an official announcement. The upcoming E3 event will surely be packed with spicy info and Game Pass on Steam could be one of them.

But as always, until official, take this as speculation and nothing more.

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