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Ruiner is getting its final update named Annihilation

Published: 16:35, 22 February 2018
Reikon Games
Poster for the cyberpunk game Ruiner in a red, black and grey-ish blue palette.

Ruiner is getting its final update that brings an arena mode, new outfits, online leaderboards, new finishing moves and gameplay updates. To top it off, Ruiner is on sale, starting with the Annihilation update launch.

Ruiner's life cycle as far as updates go is at an end, but Reikon Games are making sure it goes out with a bang. The Annihilation update brings a plethora of changes, updates and new content to the game, but Ruiner will not be getting a multiplayer game mode. What it will get however, is Arena - a Colosseum mode.

If you're feeling masochistic or the base game simply was not hard enough for your hardcore desires, the arena mode will pit you against hordes of enemies that are supposed to push you to the limit. You will need to complete all 10 stages of this mode in order to unlock new outfits and earn the Colosseum achievement. This mode will also have leaderboards where you can, sort of indirectly, compete with other players by trying to beat their high scores.

Reikon Games A red and black picture showing the Ruiner's protagonist with his futuristic helmet that has ''Kill you'' written several times on its display. Ruiner

The game has previously had a pile of updates on PC that console versions didn't receive. The Savage update happened only on PC and it added New Game+, a Speedrun mode, new weapons, several outfits and finishing moves. Console owners will finally get this update as well, included in the Annihilation update package.

The update is live for PC and consoles right now, and the game itself is on sale for PC and PlayStation 4. Ruiner will se you back about £9 while it's on sale, and the Xbox One version will have a similar discount in March 2018.

Reikon Games Screenshot from Ruiner showing a hostile gang named Creeps. They look like cybernetically altered humans. Ruiner

The full patch notes can be found on the game's Steam

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