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Rogue Trooper remastered by Rebellion

Published: 15:05, 04 May 2017
Rogue Trooper Redux

Rebellion is breathing new life into their 2006 Rogue Trooper. The eleven year old shooter was praised for its backstory and intense battles. Rogue Trooper Redux is coming soon to Switch, Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rebellion's Rogue Trooper from 2006 is getting a remaster. The new game will be called Rogue Trooper Redux and it's set to deploy for Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One sometime this year. It has origins in the world of comic books, as it was an adaptation of the 2000 AD comic.

Rebellion released a trailer giving us a first look at the revamped visuals. They also killed two birds with one stone, as this trailer shows the old fans what changed, while introducing the game's story to a new audience. The GI will continue his fight for revenge in the latest version of the game, but when exactly? Very soon.

Rebellion Rogue Trooper Redux Rogue Trooper Redux

The "Who is Rogue Trooper?" video revealed Rogue's origin and generally outlined the story for the newcomers. Main points about him are as follows. He is a GI - a genetic infantryman which means that he is modified to sustain the new inhospitable atmosphere of the "Nu-Earth".

Rogue is a "one man squad" - by that we mean he is followed by consciousnesses of three fallen GIs wherever he goes. Biochips inside Rogue's skull can be swapped out when he dies, and another soldier's biochip can be inserted in a piece of equipment or a weapon. 

Rebellion Rogue Trooper Redux Rogue Trooper Redux

He is a renegade. As he is the last survivor of the Quartz Zone Massacre, he is out to get revenge for his fallen brethren. Good thing then that he is an ultimate soldier, "engineered for war, driven by revenge". 

In the comics he has one biochip in his rifle, and his name is Gunnar, one on his backpack that goes by the name of Bagman, and one called Helm and that one see where this is going.

Are you excited for the new, remastered Rogue Trooper?

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