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Rogue Company will get deserter penalties soon

Published: 00:54, 23 July 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Dima
Rogue Company - Dima

Rogue Company's closed beta has kicked off and one of the main annoyances players are suffering are asymmetric matches but that should be dealt with soon, according to the devs' roadmap.

Hi-Rez Studios posted a roadmap of what their plans are for Rogue Company in the near future. There are no exact dates given, probably because no one can be sure whether additional delays will happen with Coronavirus ruining the day for everyone around.

However, the devs split the upcoming content into three phases, with the first one containing what is possibly the most necessary addition to the game in its current state - a surrender system along with deserter penalty.

The first part of it is the option to give up after a match starts looking unwinnable while the second part refers to leavers and AFKers. These individuals who ruin a match for their team will start getting punished.

Phase one will also bring a new map named Vice and additional profile customization, including avatars, banners and frames.

Phase two will bring along ranked, which is something that many players obviously want but it would be impractical to introduce the system immediately, without anyone getting the feel of the game. Furthermore, players will get rogue mastery so they can unlock goodies by playing their favourite rogues.

Speaking of rogues, a new one will pop up in this phase as well. Her name is Dahlia and even though the roadmap didn't mention it, the name has been leaked in the Standard Founder edition.

Phase three will introduce the first battle pass, equipment mastery which will work similarly to rogue mastery and improvements to the ping system to make the communication clearer between the teammates.

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