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Rogue company to add 6v6 TDM and better Ronin passive in next update

Published: 23:39, 30 June 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Ronin
Rogue Company - Ronin

Hi-Rez announced a few major changes and updates coming to Rogue Company with the Switchblade update such as Ronin's upgrade and new ways to play TDM and King of the Hill.

Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill proved to be popular game modes in Rogue Company even though they required some getting used to, due to the altered maps that were supposed to fit the smaller teams. 

When the Switchblade update hits, however, the players are getting both a refreshed way to play these modes and a return to the non-skirmish maps. TDM and KotH will get 6v6 versions and as such, they will move into the 6v6 maps which should offer more variation in gameplay, given the larger play area and two additional teammates to coordinate with.

Besides the game modes, Ronin is getting her own spotlight. She was already a good Rogue for roaming around the enemy lines due to being hidden on the map and sound cues usually being the only way to detect her. Dallas and other Rogues that could ping enemies and provide a version of wallhack usually counter her by revealing the agile Rogue before she is ready to engage.

This counterplay will be dialled back with the Switchblade update as Ronin's passive, Underground, will provide immunity to being revealed , even by intel-related abilities. 

Hi-Rez Studios Rogue Company Ronin will be surprising more Rogues after the buffs

It remains to be seen whether she will become overpowered with this buff since other flankers usually have trouble with intel abilities.

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