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Rogue Company is getting a shooting range soon

Published: 02:04, 25 July 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company
Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios recently held an AMA on Reddit and revealed several interesting things, such as the fact that a shooting range is coming soon, release dates for patches and arrival of deserter system.

Rogue Company has kicked off a fairly interesting journey into the closed beta and the devs organised an AMA on Reddit in order to get more feedback from the fans and provide some in return.

The question about the practice range was particularly interesting and thankfully, it is one of the questions devs answered, and to be fair, they answered most of them. 

Anyway, in the devs' words, the practice range should arrive in the next major patch . Now that would be a bit vague if we didn't have a release window for the next big patch but that happened to be one of the other questions in the thread.

As it turns out, this patch is supposed to arrive in the week of August 10 . One patch which is slated for release in the week of July 27 will precede it but as the devs pointed out, it will be aimed at fixing issues that the players found. That doesn't sound like a major update but the one in earlier part of August certainly does, so it's highly likely this is when the practice range will arrive.

Hi-Rez Studios Rogue Company Rogue Company

And last, but by no means the least, there is the issue of asymmetric lobbies. Some games end up having less than a full team on one side, which is an issue that Hi-Rez folks seem to have resolved already but a definitive end should come to it in the next three weeks , along with penalties for leavers and AFKers.

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