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Rockstar have a website for GTA Online's Diamond Casino & Resort

Published: 21:23, 18 July 2019
Rockstar Games
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort building
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort

GTA Online's The Diamond Casino & Resort was one of the features that spent so long in the 'Opening Soon' category, we thought it's never coming. Rockstar now unveiled the location in all its splendour, together with a flashy website.

Rockstar not only delivered, they did so in style, as GTA Online's long-awaited location comes with a trailer and website, but the best is, of course, yet to come.

The Diamond Casino & Resort launches on 23 July 2019, and Eddie Murphy's tune Party All The Time is both a good tune and introduction to what Rockstar are planning.

"Some people say that fortune favors the brave. Here at The Diamond, we'd rather say that destiny favors those with a full membership. Spin the wheel once a day, and you're guaranteed a massive dose of self-importance every time", Rockstar wrote about the Lucky Wheel, but that's just one of the features.

As for table games, The Diamond Casino has roulette, blackjack, and poker, but there are also slot machines and even horse racing, so GTA Online's getting a proper gambling spot.

The Diamond Casino & Resort comes with luxurious penthouses, lounge area, office, bar, media room, even arcades, where Rockstar left it up to GTA Online players to decorate them the way they see fit.

The dev's trademark sense of humor is still there, and they advise players to let go of their preconceptions, inhibitions, doubts, and their credit rating.

Those who choose to become VIP members of the Diamond Casino & Resort will get extra perks like the parking garage, their own valets - one for land vehicles and one for flying ones - champagne services, VIP lounges and even high limit tables.

VIP membership is obtained by snapping up a Master Penthouse suite at The Diamond, after which you're free to enjoy your one-percenter lifestyle. 

Rockstar Games GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort interior GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort, interior

GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Social Club accounts to Twitch Prime can get some Diamon Casino rewards for free, such as a freebie Master Penthouse.

You can learn more on the Diamond Casino .

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