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GTA Online's casino was an expansion repurposed into updates

Published: 09:50, 26 July 2019
Updated: 09:54, 26 July 2019
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GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort interior
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort, interior

Introduction of GTA Online's Diamond Casino & Resort was quite peculiar in its timing, but data miners have reason to believe that its six-year-long introduction was due to the fact it was planned to be a singleplayer GTA V expansion.

Rockstar have kept the Opening Soon sign on there ever since the game launched, but it was on there so long that most GTA Online players forgot about what was commonly called the Vinewood Casino.

Those who cared enough still wondered, but some occasionally took the initiative and data mined bits and pieces of GTA Online's long-awaited endeavour.

It turns out, however, that what we now know as was most likely a full-fledged singleplayer story DLC, coupled with some cowboys, zombies and map expansions too.

Data miner going by the Twitter handle Tez2 has been at it for years, and back in 2014, he posted proof that Rockstar are preparing three DLCs. There are two belonging to Trevor, which include casinos, assassination missions and CIA missions and "Dead: Norman DLC (Detective Norman? 3 Missions)".

Tez2 argued that Rockstar are planning to add a whole new map expansion, redesigning most of the map to fit specific themes, one of which was a zombie apocalypse.

"It turns out that most or some of the online updates that we received in 2017 and 2018 were based on the planned single-player DLC", he said.

Many initially wondered how Rockstar intend to handle the casino at a time when there seems to be a global anti-loot box initiative, which Tez2 says the company are well aware of. 

"In Red Dead Online's case, you use cash to gamble and you can purchase gold bars from microtransactions. The extra currency ensures there's a layer of safety for Rockstar from legal trouble", he added.

Rockstar Games GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort building GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort

The general sentiment is that Rockstar were planning for singleplayer DLC until they realised that GTA Online is a much more lucrative option, which led to repurposing of this content into multiplayer-oriented content updates.

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