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Rocket League Halloween celebration includes Ghostbusters

Published: 19:53, 20 October 2020
Rocket League Halloween event
Rocket League Halloween event

Psyonix kicked off Halloween in Rocket League and added all the new cosmetics that reference the Ghostbusters movie that pretty much everyone liked.

Ghostbusters was a massive hit when it released in 1984. The movie was so beloved that it kickstarted an entire franchise that would span several movies, TV shows, comic books and video games.

Therefore, when Psyonix decided to theme Rocket League's Halloween of 2020, they couldn't really go wrong. The festivities will last for two weeks, wrapping up on November 2, 2020. 

Until then, the players can enjoy two Limited Time Modes: Haunted Heatseeker and Spike Rush. The first one is pretty much the same as Heatseeker but it's set in the Haunted Urban Arena while Spike Rush will take place on night map variants.

Ghostbusters cosmetics will be available for the entire event duration and they include:

  • Ghostbusters Wheels
  • Slimer Topper
  • Mood Slime Boost
  • Ghost Trap topper
  • Ecto-1 Player Banner
  • Ectoplasm Boost
  • Ghostbusters Player Banner
  • Stay Puft Topper
  • Stay Puft Wheels

Ecto-1 itself will make a return and will be available through the shop while some of the other cosmetics will be available through the challenges.

Speaking of which, completing all the Challenges will yield the entire Ghostbusters set while Golden Pumpkins will be obtainable through the same means. You can use them to get items from the Turbo, Nitro and Vindicator series.

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